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10 annoying things in life

A few weeks ago I did a post on some of the lil things we should appreciate in life, so I thought today what about the things we could REALLY do without. 
1) LOW BATTERY, OK I'm that really annoying person who begins to panic when their phone reaches 70% charge..I HATE IT, it makes me feel really uncomfortable not having a reasonably charged up phone.

2) Waking up early for something that gets cancelled. There is nothing more frustrating when this happens, I'm someone who lives for sleep, without it I am the moodiest grumpiest person you probably don't want to bump into. 

3) Having to use your card and spend a minimum amount in order to get something. I never have cash, so its mega annoying when uni have a £2 card limit when all I want is an 80p bottle of water. You feel me? Maybe I'm just stingy..but hey I am a student!

4) Word counts, if your a student or pretty much anyone who has to hit word counts this can be one of the most stressful things in the entire world. You constantly find yourself deleting, adding, deleting, ending up way over or too less. Nightmare.

5) The doctors. First of all the 55 rejected phone calls you do before actually getting an appointment then having to wait a good 30 minutes to even see a doctor, plus loss of sleep again because you can literally spend 40 minutes re dialling the number to get through. :))))))) 

6) Closing down Spotify by accident when swiping exit over your apps. OH THE PAIN, its always when I'm listening to a good play-list which I can never seem to be able to find again. I think we can all relate on this one.

7) This one is for students or anyone who rents with other people, but is there anything more annoying than people who steal your food OR DRINK ALL YOUR MILK. I currently have a milk thief situation going on and even tho its just milk it aggravates me. Why can't they just buy their own???

8) Going out and getting caught in torrential rain with no umbrella or hood. One of those moments where I just want the ground to swallow me.

9) Having something on your mind and go to say it and completely forget what it is, then it comes back to you in a few months time :)

10) Running a bath that's luke warm, like literally cold, no thank you. I live for baths, my favourite way to unwind and when they are luke warm I just feel like giving up on the world.

So here's my top ten things that irritate the hell out of me. Let me know yours or if you can relate! 

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