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Dare to flare?

Can you believe it? I've actually ventured outside my garden's gates and did a shoot in Cirencester. Trust me, if I could do shoots like this every week I WOULD, its just getting to places and all that jazz that comes with it. So today's post is all about flute sleeves. A trend I never thought I would jump on but I love it! So you might after this..?

So if your not familiar with this growing trend, well let this extremely awkward girl (aka me) help you. As you can see from the picture, flute sleeves are pretty self explanatory, just HUGE sleeves. When I first saw them I wasn't keen but when I purchased a top which then led to two and now three..its safe to say I like them very much. They just add that little extra detail to an outfit. I also think they make you look like you've made a tonne of effort for a look that's so simple? 

So this bodysuit is from Boohoo and was only £10! Which is actually a bargain and a wardrobe essential. Bodysuits are the way girls. The wrap detail on this body creates a very flattering neckline. It also has a lil choker,which is still huge on trend. So a very detailed bodysuit but so simple and pretty. 

This is the perfect shopping look! Simple, classy and effortless. I'm definitely going to purchase this bodysuit in every colour.

For extra details I've paired this look with a floppy hat, sock boots and the perfect Black bag from Koko Couture. There's nothing more I love than small Black bags, I hate having to carry a huge one round all day. This one also has a snakeskin effect, which is pretty much the theme for every bag I ever buy.

So I hope you've enjoyed this look! Thank you to Koko Couture for sending me this beautiful bag! X

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*I'm a Boohoo student ambassador so I'm given an allowance to purchase clothes then promote them on my social media's. All views are my own*

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