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Jumpsuit lovin

Finally a fashion post! I haven't disappeared although I feel like I have. Uni can be VERY demanding at time and so can life...but I'm back. I guess you can call this my late Valentines look. I am obsessing over jumpsuits at the moment. Yes they can be pretty daring, take some confidence BUT that's what my blog is about! Making you explore new trends and feel body confident! If I can step out of my comfort zone you can too x

So I saw this beauty on Boohoo and for a good two days it was in and out of my basket because all I could tell myself was you will look like a troll, you can't pull something like that off. I decided to ignore my annoying brain and conquer my fear by experimenting with a new trend. I have worn a jumpsuit before and had 0 confidence but that was mainly due to the fitting. I love things skin tight, makes me feel a hella more confident. 

As you all know I'm a huge fan of all things Burgundy and instead of going with the typical Black which I always do, I decided no lets be BRAVE. Its super comfy to wear and pulls you in, in all the right places, which we all LOVE. The neckline on this is a lil daring I feel you but at the same time its extremely flattering and keeps your boobs covered. If your also fearful of the no bra hype please don't be, you can't see your nipples and if your conscious of that you can always use tape! 

My only issue with jumpsuits is they tend to bag a bit on the crotch area, however after a bit of ruffling and pulling I managed to get this one to stay in the same place all night. So if your struggling for a good night-out outfit, jumpsuits are perfect! They are still dressy if not more dressy than anything else but your also COMFY.

I just think this such a simple, classy look and the cross over detail is so pretty! For only £15 um yes please??!

So hope you love this look as much I do! Don't ever be fearful of exploring new trends and wearing something you wouldn't because life is too short to dress one way!

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*I'm a Boohoo Ambassador so I have an allowance for clothes which I then show to you guys*

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