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The best ways to cheer someone up!

It's really difficult when you get into a relationship/friendship with someone as they might not fully understand how to help you when you feel the lowest. If you suffer with anxiety, BDD, depression and your other half doesn't it can be extremely challenging for them to know what to do, as they feel helpless! So here are things you can do if your significant other or best friend is feeling low!

When you're in a negative mindset you need that distraction or you end up feeling worse and worse. Take that person out, even if its something simple as a walk, drive in the car or a cake in a cafe. Distraction is key, when you feel miserable and there is nothing more therapeutic than a good natter and fresh air!

Opening up
Sometimes people don't want to discuss whats wrong because you can be down for no reason or they like to bottle their emotions up. The best thing to do is let them know you're there for them. Don't force them to open up because this makes people shy even more away from the idea of doing so. Let them cry to you even if it takes hours, they will open up in the end. Just be as supportive as possible.

Be spontaneous 
One of the best ways to cheer someone up is being spontaneous. Who doesn't like an invite out somewhere, completely out of the blue? I live for moments and people who are like this. When you feel down there is nothing better than someone wanting to go somewhere with you because it makes you feel appreciated. This could be going somewhere for a day, a theme park, a cute village, a zoo! Spontaneous trips are great!!! (DO THIS)

As humans we definitely do not appreciate hugs enough, we take them for granted but being held by someone when your feeling down can cheer you up so much. Always go for a HUG!

Little gift
Acts of kindness are the best way to help someone feel better. Now I'm not talking expensive gifts. I mean the littlest things. Their favourite chocolate bar, flowers, fave magazine etc. Getting someone something you know they love makes them feel appreciated. Don't need to spend millions to show someone you care!

What can you do? 
Is there anything that's upsetting them that you could possibly do something about? For example if they are anxious about going somewhere could you go with them? Always try and see what advice you can give or if you can help them in whatever situation it may be. 

Tell them the things they are good at, push them to keep up their hobbies or try new things. Keep them inspired and in a positive mindset as much as you can. Don't be someone who lets their partner or friend begin to become a shell of themselves. Get them back on their feet and inspire them. 

The most important thing, don't give up on them. Make sure they know you're their for them whenever they need you.

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