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Why its MORE than OK to be single

Ladies, we all have those days where we see couples EVERYWHERE doing all these incredible things, taking cute photos and exchanging expensive gifts. So what? We don't need a man to make us happy, in fact we don't need anyone to make us happy. The only person who can make you happy is YOURSELF. So after this post you better give yourself some credit, stop being a couch potato and realise the importance of self love and why its great to be single!

The number one thing to remember is you will fall in love, I can't tell you when, where or how but it WILL happen. Don't wish your single life away because it can be quite fun. So here are some reasons why its pretty good to be single.

1) Don't have to save for Christmases, Birthdays, Valentines and Anniversaries 
Now I don't know if its just me but boyfriends are actually the hardest creatures on this earth to buy for and sometimes that stress is enough for me to not want a relationship.

2) Not having to shave
OK this doesn't sound very lady like I know! But before I was in a relationship I never had the stress of making sure I was hair free. Having to shave every time you see your boyfriend is so time consuming.

3) No indecisiveness
I think everyone can relate to this whether your in a relationship now or previously. The typical YOU DECIDE. Oh my god I cannot stand those three words. Me and my boyfriend can spend hours going YOU DECIDE, NO YOU DECIDE. Being single you can decide VERY easily.

4) Choosing what film YOU want to watch
There is nothing more stressful in this world than dating someone who doesn't like the same film genre as you. All I ever want to do is watch thrillers and murder documentaries, however my boyfriend wants to watch ROMANCE, excuse me I thought I was the female in this relationship? So being single you can watch whatever you damn want without squabbling with someone for hours and end up not watching anything.

5) Travel the world
Unless your really lucky and get to do this with a partner which a lot of people don't get to do, go and explore the world before you settle down. This is a perfect way to learn to be independent and love yourself! 

6) Stay out late hang out with anyone
When your in a relationship there are obvious boundaries with who you can and can't hang with (well for some couples anyway). Some people don't like their partners having friends of the opposite sex, which I disagree with because I think its important to have friendships with the opposite sex. Being single you don't have to worry about who your with and whether it would upset your partner!

7) Don't have to share!
I am the kind of person that HATES sharing it really strains me. If I buy food that's for me, if you like what I'm eating why can't you get your own! When your single you can eat happily without someone constantly nagging for a bite.

8) Your in charge of your happiness!
In relationships we have different dreams/wants to our partners which can create tension. You might have got frustrated in the past because your partner wouldn't do something you thought was important or they might not share the same values as you. Stuff like that, that can hugely impact on your happiness. Single no worries.

9) No jealousy
None of that excessive stalking your other half's social media or feeling immediate anger when a girl talks to your boy that you hate. Jealousy is a horrible thing we could all do without.

10) You can eat what you want and not feel judged for it?
I am a massive chocoholic and I sometimes feel major guilty if I eat too much of it in one go. When your single you don't have to worry about someone making a comment on how much crap you've just ate.

Let me know if you can relate to any of these! Remember being single isn't all that bad!

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