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Apps you need as a blogger!

When you start blogging it can feel like you're getting nowhere and at times you feel completely sorry for yourself and just want to give up! My number one tip for blogging is...DON'T COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE, your own success will come! So today I want to discuss some apps and sites you need to improve your blog. So fingers crossed this will help you guys who are fretting!

                                                     1. Social Media                                                          

Social media is your biggest platform for growth in the blogging world. I would say especially Twitter for me. Set yourself up accounts on Twitter and Insta if you haven't already done so. 

Tip: Set up separate accounts to your personal ones. This keeps blogging and your personal stuff apart which I find helps and doesn't annoy people who aren't bloggers on your personal accounts. I just found this a lot easier than posting constantly and people getting annoyed as they have no interest in my blog. 

  • Make sure to include your links to your blog in the bio of your social media platform.
  • Set up a Facebook page to grow more awareness of your blog 
  • BE ACTIVE, further down in this post I will explain how you can be active without being active.
  • Make sure to have links to your social media on your blog!

                                                                      2. Editing 

I don't tend to edit my blog photos as you know I'm against Photoshop on fashion posts because it sets an unrealistic portrayal of me and that's what my blog is not about. When I say editing, I'm on about changing my body or removing spots. I don't see the issue with brightening photos or adjusting the background colour but changing a body type is not fair on an audience. I completely understand some bloggers do this because they are insecure and that's completely fine, I just don't like to do that with my posts.

So, I don't actually use any editing apps for my blog. However, if I'm creating a Youtube thumbnail I will use Canva. I use Canva to put text over images, it's totally free with loads of different backgrounds, images and text. You can upgrade to a better version, which costs but I find the free one is enough for what I want to do. 

This is an example of me using Canva. So sometimes I do lifestyle/make up posts and I will upload images. So for this photo I just used text from Canva and it makes the image stand out a lot more. So I would recommend experimenting with that site, it is really easy to use!

Apps I for insta editing:

  • Facetune, I highly recommend this app. If you have a theme on your Insta of White and need to whiten photos this app is perfect. It does cost but I use it pretty much daily so it's worth the money. 
  • Snapseed, this app is perfect for adjusting the brightness of an image and sharpening. It's totally free!

                                                               3.  Time Management

Scheduling is so important for growth in the blogging world! I would say you should try and be active every single day for growth. I know this is impossible for some people due to work. However, this is where your life saver Buffer comes into the picture. This app takes control of your social media accounts. Every morning I schedule all my tweets, if you get into this habit you will see changes in your blog stats

4.Free Pictures

If you have a similar style blog to me where you write advice posts, you don't always have a photo to match what you're talking about. If you've ever seen sites that write posts like that and have incredible photos, don't be fooled they haven't taken them! 

You can use free sites that are non copyright. I use Creative Commons. This site has a range of photos for you to choose from. Just make sure to say where you got the photo from at the end of your blog ,in case people do think you've become an amazing photographer all of a sudden!

                                                  5. Network

Join blogging networks, this will help you meet new people, allow your blog to grow and the possibility of getting noticed by a brand! The most well known network being Bloglovin. Download this app and get following your fave bloggers!

I would also recommend joining:

  • Bloggers Required- to work with brands
  • The Blogger Programme- harder to work with brands if you're a small blogger, I've never had any luck with this one but still sign up!

Tip: Join blogger chats on Twitter! I would recommend the Blogospherechat!

I really hope these tips help you out! Don't give up on Blogging, it's very easy too but you will get somewhere if you stay persistent, motivated and positive! If you ever need any help, I am here!

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