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Being sensitive doesn't make you weak!

We all have different personalities, we are very unique and some of us hate what we are but we can't always change ourselves. If you don't like something about your personality don't see that as a weakness! I wanted to talk today about being sensitive and not very thick skinned, something I've never been so I want to give you tips on how to stop letting things deeply hurt you especially when it comes to people. People can say things that make you shatter and make you hate everything about yourself BUT I'm going to give you some tips on how to stop that person getting to you!

Being sensitive doesn't make you less of a person in fact it makes you a pretty amazing human being because you are more aware of people's emotions. You understand exactly how they feel and know the best things to say because you struggle yourself! Growing up I always saw being sensitive a huge flaw in my personality. I used to dwell for hours over a situation that had upset me. I used to try desperately to make people like me, I never understood why they didn't. The older I've got the more I've learnt that being sensitive isn't a huge issue but the more situations and horrible people you deal with the thicker your skin gets. It's perfectly normal to feel upset if someone is vile to you, getting upset is a totally normal reaction. Sadly in this society it's deemed acceptable to treat people horrible and if you crumble that makes you weak. NO IT'S A NORMAL HUMAN REACTION. 

So what is being thick skinned? People who are able to take criticism, insults and horrible people without getting upset. Wow I admire the people who do this. Just because you can't do this, doesn't mean you're a crap person! 

I'm sure you've all encountered someone who has an issue with you for absolutely no reason. I've always seemed to attract these sort of people.They are nothing more than BULLIES. Even when you grow up you learn these people still exist in workplaces. Bullies grow into adults and sadly you're never going to be able to get rid of them. 

BUT here are some tips on how to cope with them if you've left the education system. I have other posts on how to deal with bullies at school but as you grow up you become more wise to these people. They still affect you but not as much. 

1)Ignore them. If they are your boss or a colleague just do your job. If they try and bite don't take any notice. 

2)The best way to deal with these people is just to be OVERLY NICE. When you're nice they can't say shit all back to you. Be the better person even if what they are saying is wrong and unfair. 

3)If someone is getting to you a lot don't feel like you can't stand up for yourself and talk to someone about it. I understand its difficult if it's someone who's in charge of you but you can still report them. 

4)To be 'thick skinned' just be the better person, the person who doesn't bite back because that's what they like. 

5) Smile all the time because smiling at the people who make you miserable makes them angry. Let them know you don't care.

6) Remember bullies are the most insecure people ever, they are nothing more than jealous of you. 

I hope this post makes you feel a lil better! Getting upset when you're older by someone doesn't make you weak! PLEASE REMEMBER THAT X

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