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Flute Sleeves?

You've probably saw this flute sleeve trend pretty much in every shop right now. It's one you're either going to love or hate. I personally LOVE THEM however, daily tasks can be hard when your sleeves are three times the size they usually are.... but we can move past that.

I'm really not a fan of this Orange, Cotswold's stone but I couldn't find anywhere else for a nice shoot so I do apologise about that! I've also become a bit obsessed with my hat again, I think it's more of a comfort thing for me as I'm not very confident being in front of the camera, believe it or not. 

Today was also one of those days where your face just doesn't co operate with your outfit! Anyway, mumbling beside, this top is one of my wardrobe essentials. It's slightly cropped but just so simple and classy and easy to pair with pretty much anything! I also love the colour it's like a darkish cream. The sleeves have a Black outline which compliments the jeans well. This is just a really easy look to put together and makes it look like you've made a tonne of effort. Win win.

I hardly ever buy tops so it really takes a lot for me to fall in love with one this much! You can't go wrong with putting basic colours together and to dress it up more just add heeled boots! Finding your style is a gradual process but always experiment because you won't believe the amount of things you will fall in love with. It definitely takes a hell of a lot of confidence to learn to love your body but fashion can change that so much! TRUST ME.

To finish this look off I paired it with my favourite sock boots ever.Sock boots are another wardrobe essential you NEED in life. Look at that heel! Let me know your thoughts on flute sleeves?


*I'm a brand ambassador for Boohoo therefore I purchase the clothes with an allowance. The clothes I purchase are my own taste and own opinions.*

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