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Girls DO go for NICE guys

Today I thought I would bust a myth that a load of guys seem to throw at us girls and that is 'we don't date nice guys because we are more interested in bad guys'. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of girls who do go for this type of guy BUT its not EVERY SINGLE GIRL. I personally can't think of anything worse than an arrogant, over confident guy. However I thought I would share my views on why girls don't always go for the stereotypical 'nice' guy.

First thing first, some guys need to realise that girls do go for 'nice' guys but just because they aren't into you doesn't mean they date complete jerks!

1) Wrong impression/friend zone
Some guys get the complete wrong impression on how a girl feels about them. I've found this with a few guys I've known. It seems sometimes you can't be friends with someone without them developing feelings for you. I think its quite unfair when this person then turns bitter because you never saw them in that way and never gave them that impression. 

2) Too full on
Some guys I've known in the past have been way too full on with me. I'm the kind of girl who gets a bit creeped out when a guy is too over the top with compliments or touchy feely, its just not my thing. I know for some girls it is but for me personally I find it too much. I'm obviously different in a relationship but when a guy is talking to you and makes you feel uncomfortable with their constant compliments I find it really awkward. But this does not mean I don't date 'nice' guys! Everyone has things they like and don't like but the stereotypical 'nice' guys seem to think the girl is a bitch because she can't see everything he has. Not every girl likes the same stuff.

3) Other boys
The problem with the guys who throw this lovely statement out that us girls only date the bad ones is the fact they don't really understand their ways of treating girls isn't exactly the nicest or the best. The so called 'bad' guys to them are actually just normal guys that haven't done anything wrong. Its really unattractive for a guy to assume they are nicer than everyone else.

4) Girls like the chase
A guy that shows too much interest in a girl to the point it feels like desperation is not really what a lot of girls like. The chase doesn't necessary mean a girl is after a bad guy, its about getting to know someone and not just rushing into everything. 

5) Not giving up on rejection
A really awkward situation is when you tell a guy your not interested and only see them as a friend but they continue to push the boundaries, which in the end makes you not want to even be friends with them. If someone rejects you its probably not best to keep pestering them.

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