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Spring Wardrobe Wishlist

Is anyone else really struggling with clothing as we transition into Spring? I REALLY STRUGGLE. Yesterday I changed 14 times (no exaggeration). I had one of those days where nothing felt or looked nice. It was a really hot day and all I have is Winter stuff. I love Spring don't get me wrong but I find is so difficult to know what to wear, especially when it comes to footwear. So today's post is some wardrobe inspo from Boohoo.

                                                                Playsuits- Polka dot playsuit

Even though the weather isn't boiling, it's definitely approaching the long sleeves, lil jacket phase. Playsuits are perfect for this time of the year with a pair of boots and a hat. I am gutted that this particular playsuit I have seen, has sold out. It's so lush! (gutted).

My favourite look of all time is striped jumpers, high waisted mom jeans and either boots or mules. It's a look that screams Spring and I'm obsessed with how classic and simple it is to put together. Boohoo have a tonne of jeans and jumpers to choose from and very affordable!

Embroidered- Jeans

You all know how much I love embroidered things. I would say a good 40% of my wardrobe now consists of embroidered clothes. This trend is perfect for Spring. At the moment I'm loving embroidered denim, especially the mom jeans and skirts. 

Gingham- Top

This trend is definitely new in for this season. I haven't seen it come back into fashion for YEARS but its growing on me. I remember as a little girl having some bright red gingham trousers which I loved. So, it's like the flute sleeves trend, one to experiment with. 


I have always wanted a pair of these shoes they are the perfect transition from Winter to Spring. Especially if you are someone like me who isn't ready to put their boots away yet! 

So these are a few things on my Spring wish list. Let me know what trends you're loving!

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