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Suede Jackets

How pretty are suede jackets? They are everywhere at the moment and I'm more than OBSESSED. I never have a transition jacket for Spring, I'm always stuck with my bulky Winter coats, so I feel blessed to have finally found a jacket for this season!

As you all know I love pink and especially when it's Spring. This jacket goes with pretty much any outfit. So I have just paired it with some Grey jeans and pink embroidered mules. The mules are another current obsession of mine. These are from Boohoo, I'm pretty sure they have all sold out but you can get similar ones! I would love to get my hands on some Black mules. Just need loads of Spring clothing!! I am struggling with this transition. 

I always like to match my jacket and shoes. So these two go perfectly. I'm not a huge fan of flat shoes because I love being taller with a heel. Flats make me feel short and stumpy, which I know is not the case but girls who love heels will understand!

I love the details on this jacket. Gold and blush Pink go perfectly together. It makes your outfit go from pretty casual to a lot more dressy. Most shops are selling these type of jackets so definitely get your hands on one!

Let me know what you think of this look x

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