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Violet Voss palette, worth the fuss?

So I recently purchased this ever so beautiful palette, the Violet Voss Holy Grail. 24 beautifully pigmented shades.It literally is a holy grail. Bit on the pricey side of life but we can skip past that part. Just look at how pigmented the colours are. I'm in love!

This is my first ever 'proper' eye shadow palette, by proper I mean high end. I can never in a million years afford anything above drug store makeup. However, I recently turned 20 and with my birthday money I decided, DO YOU KNOW WHAT GIRL IT'S TIME TO TREAT YOURSELF. So I spent £43 on this palette. I was very sceptical about doing so but you actually don't have a lot of time to decide because they dive out of stock in seconds. It must have been my lucky day because they miraculously came into stock and it was pancake day and my birthday in ONE. Blessed I know. 

I was first introduced to this beauty by my friend who has literally every palette to exist and I was surprised at how good the pigmentation of the colours were. They make your eyes literally POP. Now I'm a huge fan of Pink/sparkly eye shadows as well as Golds. Which is literally what this palette is made of.

I've put a heart next to the shades YOU need to try. These are 'On Fleek, Glamping and Cranberry Splash'. They are perfect for nights out and stay a good amount of time. The swatches took 4 good scrubs to wipe off!

Out of the 24 shades I definitely have my favourite line. As you can see from the photo above these shades are perfect for all year round and just easy to create eye looks with. If you love your sparkles, transition colours and bold shades this palette has your name on it.

For someone who is just starting out with experimenting with eye shadow, this is a perfect starter palette because of the range of shades you have to work with. So I would say it's definitely worth it's price. I haven't come across any bad reviews so far!

You can purchase this palette from Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty! Get on the waiting list, it's worth it!

Let me know your views on this palette? 

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