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10 tips on improving your Mental Health!

We all have those days where we feel useless and wonder why we even bothered waking up but for some of us that can be an every day reality, pretty terrifying right? If you're struggling with your mental health right now, I want to give you some tips/idea's of different distractions you can do to make you feel a bit better about yourself!

1. Remember:You're not alone at all!! There are so many people in the same boat and so many people who are willing to make you feel better! Don't be afraid to seek help whether that's through a friend, family or social media!

2. Don't shut yourself away, independence is great but loneliness can suck. Arrange a date with friends, go to a cute coffee shop, a walk or just a chilled sleepover? Make plans, don't stick to the same day, the same dead routines this can make you feel completely crap. Try and switch your days up as much as possible!

3. FRESH AIR. God I can't emphasise the importance of going out and breathing in fresh air, this can change how you feel so much. Try and add a walk into your daily routine to break up your day and distract you from feeling low. They help SO much. 

4. Put your happiness first! Don't try and please other people, please yourself. You might be one of those people like me who will suffer in silence but make sure everyone else is OK. Don't do this!

5. Sleep more! When you have so much on your mind it's impossible to sleep. I have such a horrific sleeping pattern it's shocking. Recently I have found myself going to bed at 3am and waking up at 1pm. This is not a good thing and makes you feel even worse. Try and get into the routine of sleeping early, turning off your phone and getting a good nights sleep.

6. Write your thoughts down, if your not willing to talk to someone WRITE IT DOWN, this is very therapeutic. Highly recommend. 

7. Watch a good series on Netflix, read books or magazines.

8. Change your diet, maybe it's what you're eating that's contributing to your unhappiness? 

9. Remove toxic people out your life, life is too short to not feel happy with the people you surround yourself with!

10. Take yourself on a shopping spree, treat yourself! A good retail therapy can work wonders for the mind not so much for your bank account though! 

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