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How to love someone who suffers with Body Dysmorphia

Body Dysmorphia is a really hard concept for some people to understand if they have never suffered with it. It's exhausting, ruins your day and no two days are the same. Some days I will wake up and think, OK you look acceptable today. If you suffer with BDD you'll find yourself constantly checking yourself in a mirror, being told your vain and needing constant reassurance. The only way I can describe how it feels, is having everyone staring at you, walking down a street and everyone turning round and staring. It makes you extremely paranoid and on edge every time someone looks at you. Extreme? You might think and I understand that. As a BDD sufferer myself, I want to give you some tips if you know someone who suffers.

1. Don't tell them they are being silly. It's impossible to explain how terrified you feel to step outside when you suffer with BDD, if they ask for reassurance, please just give it them, it will help so much.

2. Don't joke about weight or appearance. Yes this can be harmless but for people who suffer with BDD it can be extremely toxic and unhealthy for them to listen to. We are obsessive people. Saying one thing makes us fixate on that part of our body.

3. Please understand that there are days where it's impossible to go outside because you're so anxious of what people think of you. Instead you want to stay in bed, wear no makeup and pretend you don't exist. This is not an exaggeration, I know it can seem extreme but this happens.

4. If they get upset please be there for them and comfort them. Don't let them leave the house upset and flustered. It's amazing how one positive thing can make you feel so much better. HUGS

5. Please understand what you see they can't see. They see the most disgusting person looking back at them. They won't believe your compliments, don't get frustrated by this. If you can't deal with anything I've said then please don't date this kind of person, they need someone to look out for them and make them feel worthy.

6. Try and distract them, if they start fixating suggest a walk or something you know they will enjoy.


8. Educate yourself, you might have a friend or partner who struggles day to day with their appearance, they could suffer with BDD, so be aware of the symptoms and you can help A LOT.

To the people who suffer with BDD please don't feel ashamed of yourself and to the people who stick by you, you're incredible and you'll never understand how much we appreciate you.

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