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Polka Dot OOTD

I haven't posted a fashion post in what feels like FOREVER, so here it is, my newest addition to my wardrobe, this beautiful, off shoulder polka dot top. I'M IN LOVE.

Truth is...I usually hate tops, I'm a bodysuit gal but I've recently been having the confidence to change my perception on showing my stomach. Now, miraculously I have never hated my body, my body is actually what I'm most comfortable in. I've always struggled with the way I look but never my weight. But showing my stomach is something I've never really been comfortable with and I'm like right I'm 20 now, I need to give her some sunshine before my days are over. 

So this goddess of a crop top is from Boohoo and was only £12?? ABSOLUTE BARGAIN and a wardrobe essential for this time of the year! You all know how much I obsess over Red and I never actually thought I would wear it into Spring/Summer but it works so we are doing it.

Yes the hat is always out, it's kind of my comfort blanket, weird I know, maybe you'll see me without it one day! Also apologies for my beautifully striped socks that seem to have crawled up my leg in every picture :) (thanks mum for letting me know).

So the top itself fits perfectly and has the cutest flared sleeves in the world it's just so summery and perfect for wearing with jeans and a denim jacket!

This top only seems to be in petite at the moment (annoying when you're not a petite girl like me) but it's not actually too short! So hopefully by these pictures you can tell the length if it's something you would be interested in buying! 

Let me know what you think!

*I'm a Boohoo ambassador, I'm given an allowance to buy clothes, all views are my own*

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