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Things I loved when I was a teenager

Your teenage years are so unpredictable. They can be equally the best and worst times of your life, which I found! I certainly began to enjoy them more when I turned 17! So here are a few things I LOVED about being a teenager, let me know if you can relate.

1. Clubbing underage
I wouldn't ever advise doing this but I know so many people who did. I started clubbing with someone else's ID a few months before I turned 18. This absolutely terrified me but getting in each time made me feel like living on the edge of life. Did anyone else memorise those Id's to the point you even sometimes go to give someone else's details today :)

2. House parties
I never saw myself as the party type growing up. At first parties terrified me, I've never been a huge drinker and I hated what alcohol did to people so I was the one looking after everyone and making sure no one died, However, I began to have a healthy relationship with alcohol and myself and ended up going to house parties most weeks.

3. Late night walks
I used to do this a lot as a teenager, mainly at house parties but sometimes randomly at home. I like walking at night it made me feel like a typical 'tumblr girl'.

4. First loves
Being a teenager is all about meeting loads of friends and falling in love. I had my first boyfriend at 14 and I honestly thought one day I would marry him back then. HOW TIMES CHANGE AY.

If I could turn back the clocks and get my prescriptions for free, life would be a hell of a lot easier! Paying nearly £9 as a student is a joke. I could get food or club entry with that!

6. Car journeys with friends
This is still one of my favourite things now but driving and listening to music with all your pals is definitely on my highlight list. 

7. Sleepovers and Sims
If you didn't have constant sleepovers and play Sims what did you do with your life? This was my favourite thing to do as well as the photo shoots, scary films and buying so many sweets and chocolate.

Maybe we have connected on Omegle before. This was a regular favourite of mine and friends. Skip past all the men with their privates out it was always hilarious when you found people from your school or chatting to teenagers across the other side of the world.

9.First girls holiday
Going on holiday with your friends is both amazing and disastrous, expect fall outs, tears, sick and a lot of laughter! I managed to lose my toe nail on mine, so always be prepared for that :) 

Enjoy the freedom of being a teenager. Not stressing too much about money or what you have to eat every night! You might wish you were an adult but you will soon wish that away when it gets to that day TRUST ME.

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