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Why it's important to take breaks away from social media!

Social media, the platform that allows us to share our ups and downs, achievements and some of the craziest experiences in life. We are all guilty of spending HOURS scrolling through our different feeds, the moment our eyes flicker open. But is what we see on social media always the best for our mental health?

These days it’s so easy to filter out all the bad stuff in life. You could be having a really rubbish day but upload a smiling pic to insta and convince the world everything in your life is incredible. That’s the thing with filters you can literally disguise EVERYTHING. Got a spot? Don’t panic you can erase that. Hate the lighting? That’s what the brightening tool is for! Want a more radiant look to your selfie? FILTERS!

The problem with all this filtering and editing is that it’s making more girls have an unhealthy relationship with their appearance. It’s teaching us that we can’t look good unless we adjust our photos in some form. We all follow those amazing body inspo accounts and stare at them miserably why we stuff our faces with takeaways…but you need to realise that what you see through a screen isn’t always the reality. Everyone has flaws and certainly no one is perfect. It’s perfectly normal to compare yourself to others, it seems to be in our genes that us girls get fixated with how other women look and want to make drastic changes to our own bodies. You don’t need to change who you are! Instead of feeling down when you see these amazing gym bodies or incredible lifestyles try and take something positive from it. This might seem a crazy thing but it can motivate you to try and change something in your life. Most importantly remember these people go through equally bad days too and feel the pressures to look a certain way on social media!

It’s very easy to become addicted to social media but if you teach yourself to have a healthy relationship with it and take lengthy breaks away from it then you’ll feel a lot more refreshed. Don’t you dare compare yourself to anyone!

Things to remember:
1) Everyone has bad days
2) Social media can disguise the reality of a situation
3) Just because someones life looks incredible doesn't always mean it is
4) Those insta goal account girls feel the same pressures you do, if not even more because they have to keep an audience
5) If seeing 'perfect' images everyday is starting to make you dwell on every aspect of your life then a break from social media is needed
6) Comparing yourself to others will get you NO WHERE, it's unhealthy and achieves nothing. You will gain your own success don't look at someone else's and feel worthless.


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