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£3 top? YES PLEASE

If you looked at this top would you think it's from Ebay? NO, YOU WOULD NOT. Girls forget Topshop and Newlook, don't throw away your wages on mesh tops when you can literally get the same one for under £5. Interested? Read on. 

I've had so many comments and questions about this top so I finally thought right blog post time to answer all your burning desires.

Ok so all over Insta you will see girls SLAYING these mesh embroidered tops and I would just gulp back my tears because I couldn't afford one. BUT there is an alternative that won't break the bank and that my friends is ...Ebay. My relationship with Ebay hasn't always been amazing I never used to trust it and I've never even thought about buying clothes from there. However, I risked it and it was a very good risk. I typed in mesh embroidered tops and found dozens.My number one advice is, go for the sellers who have the most ratings!!

My other tip is DO NOT buy a small size. This miraculously is a medium which is supposed to fit a 10-12... I'm a 6-8 and this only just fits me so definitely go medium or large. It's a risk you have to take but for £3 I'm impressed with the quality and stitching. The downside is the fact it can take over two weeks to be delivered but what do you expect for £3? 

If you have any other questions hit me up xx

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