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Ever been told to 'smile more' by a guy?

Ever been in a club and a guy comes out of nowhere and tells you, you need to smile more? Or you're so standoffish? You stand there and think... hang on did I ask you to even approach me? I've been told on multiple occasions I'm stuck up or in love with myself quite frankly because I haven't paid attention to a guy. Girls don't let these guys upset you or get to you in any way, they just can't deal with rejection or the fact you're simply not interested. OR THE FACT THEY ARE 40 YEARS OLDER THAN YOU.

I'm the kind of girl who is such a girls girl I don't even focus on guys on a night out (main reason being I'm in a relationship) but even before this, I've honestly never been interested in getting with guys in clubs. I guess it's just not in my nature? I'm not a flirtatious girl in any shape way or form, I'm actually pretty terrified of guys in clubs but that does not make me stuck up! WHY do guys think that's an ok judgement to make just because you don't want to get with them or talk to them.I don't fancy myself because I didn't want to get with you. 

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to this. You're stood outside minding your own business in the smoking area when you get a tap on the shoulder and in front of you is someone 20 years older, usually older than your parents and they say 'You need to smile more'. This instantly puts me on edge and you feel quite creeped out that they've even approached you. On a recent occasion, an older man said to my friend 'you need to cheer up you moody cow'. EXCUSE ME? Why would you even feel the need to approach someone when you don't even know them. Sometimes I turn around to guys like this and say would you be happy if someone spoke to your daughter like that? Or you're older than my grandad so go away? It also makes me think why the hell are you even in a club with teenagers when you're in your 50's and 60's like what are you looking for?

At the same time, I think WOW is that your way of trying to start a conversation by making a woman feel creeped out? 

My question is- Why do men feel they have the right to tell you to smile more? You might read this and think it's a complete overreaction but when you're demanded to do something by someone older and unknown to you it's extremely unnerving. Why should women have to do something to please a man? NO THANK YOU. 

So girls here is what you do when you're faced with men like this:
1) Pretend they don't exist
2) Walk away
3) Tell them to mind their own business
4) Ask them how it's affecting their life
5) Pull the ugliest grin in the world

Can you imagine if older women went around clubs pulling boys to the side and asking them to smile? It's just weird and intrusive. 

Let me know if you've ever been told to smile by a guy and your response to it!

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