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Gingham ft woods

Hello, lovelies Hope you're having a fab bank holiday weekend! One of my fave things to post is my new outfits so here is my newest addition to my wardrobe. When I don't upload fashion posts always make sure to check out my IG because I post a lot on there. I haven't worn gingham since I was about 10? I used to hate it when my mum dressed me in these bright red gingham trousers, I would love to wear them now because gingham is 100% on trend. 

You either love or hate the pattern I personally LOVE IT. This playsuit is from Boohoo and it's a cold shoulder style, another trend I'm obsessed with. You all know how much I adore off shoulder clothing but now I'm loving the cold shoulder look. It's very simplistic but stylish. I don't know if anyone else has this issue but when you're 99% leg playsuits tend to reveal your bum. Thankfully I've found one I feel relatively comfortable in! My top tip would be to look at how it looks on the model, if it shows a bit of their bum it's gonna do the same to you. So I saw this one and saw it looked fairly long on the model and fits me nicely too.

Just excuse my extremely pale arms, I will be tanning very soon. Does anyone else's camera make them look ten times more pale?Mine washes me out so much, I need to play around with the settings. BUT look at these details!! I love when playsuits are quite quirky with their sleeves. For £15 this is perfect for Summer and its super light and stretchy. 

On my feet, I'm wearing some mules which I recommend for boot lovers! If you're like me and struggle to put away the boots these are the perfect transition shoe as they have a chunky heel and your feet can breathe! Only £10 from Primark!

Let me know how you feel about gingham! 

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