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Struggling with skin outbreaks? My tips

Skin can be an absolute nightmare (most of the time) especially if you're like me and suffer with constant break outs, high sensitivity and rashes. IT'S HELL and destroys your confidence quite a lot. I went from being someone with perfect skin to someone with constant outbreaks. So over the last 2 years I've found some things that really work for me that might work for you! 

Trust me, when I say I've tired pretty much everything to do with clearing skin, I have and most things don't seem to work. So over the last two months I've decided to document what works best for my skin. As you all probably know, there is never one cause for your skin outbreaks so it seems like a never ending cycle. 

But here is what's been helping me...

1. DON'T TOUCH OR POP YOUR SPOTS PLEASE. I used to constantly attack pimples as soon as they appeared, this does not achieve ANYTHING. So please don't touch your skin, let it heal. I've been doing this for over a month and it's helped so much.

2. Gentle products! Because my skin is so sensitive I have to be really careful what I use. Your saviour will be Aveeno cream, I highly recommend this for dry skin. I've also stopped applying multiple beauty products to my forehead because the best thing is to just let your skin breathe! So check ingredients in creams and moisturisers to make sure they won't be too harsh on your skin.

3. Washing in circular motions. I always used to wash my face using my micellar water which made my forehead very sore. After using my micellar water ,I now damp a towel with hot water and rub very gently in circular motions onto my skin. Keep your skin as clean as possible and break outs will eventually stop! Getting into a good skin care routine will help.

4. Sleeping properly. Now this is a strange one but I know it's contributed to my foreheads slow clear up. I am quite an anxious sleeper and tend to have piles of blankets and cushions surrounding me, kind of like a comfort/protection thing. Don't know if anyone else is majorly anxious at night but I've always been the same. Recently I have stopped nestling my face into pillows and sleeping on my back so my forehead isn't covered. I recommend trying this because it means your skin isn't touching anything and again allows it to breathe.

5. Hair up. Leading on from my last point, I try and keep my hair off my face as much as possible. When you have really long hair it's constantly everywhere so tying it up allows your lovely skin to breathe. I also do this when I sleep as well!

6. WATER WATER. This is a generic one and one I hope you all do anyway. Even tho I can't say it's ever impacted my skin in a good way....I guess it's doing some good down the line. Luckily I love water and try and drink plenty of it everyday. If you're really bad at staying on top of keeping hydrated I really recommend getting one of those fancy water bottles or cups. You don't realise how much you're drinking which is a bonus!

7. Don't sleep in makeup and makeup free days! I try now to have as many makeup free days as possible and even tho I look like a gremlin I know it's helping my skin. I know this isn't useful for everyone if you have 9-5 jobs everyday but if you're a student and in and out of lectures throughout the week, try and let your skin breathe as much as possible. My second point is don't sleep in makeup!!!! EVER. I very very rarely do this because it makes me feel very grotty but doing that will definitely not allow your skin to clear up.

So those are some things that have been working for me. They may or may not work for you but let me know if anything has really helped! 

Also remember don't be ashamed of having spots, doesn't mean you're ugly, I know it can really make you feel horrendous and not want to leave the house but one day they will go! Stressing about it achieves nothing but causes more so try and keep yourself in a focused, positive mood and changes will happen x

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