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Those casual days

LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFULLY COLOURED HOUSE (I AM IN LOVE). I'm being a proper fashion blogger today and found the perfect house to pose outside of. Bright colours and flowers draw me in straight away. So here's my little casual OOTD. You can still be casual yet stylish lemme teach you the ways x

Today's OOTD features everything I love and wear 24/7. A hat, a bodysuit, denim and cute shoes. Strangely I'm not really a skirt girl and find denim skirts really difficult to wear and to get the right sizing. However, this Topshop one is my fave and I love how you can style it with anything. So obviously the rest of my outfit would be black. This off shoulder bodysuit is my wardrobe essential. I really REALLY recommend it, just simple, comfy and goes with anything. Also off shoulder is a super flattering look.

On my feet, I have my new fave shoes from Primark. These mules are the perfect transition shoe and only cost £10! You all know how much I struggle with finding shoes that don't hurt my feet and are actually the right size. I've finally put my beloved Chelsea boots away...weeps. 

I always used to find being casual IMPOSSIBLE. I just never knew how to feel comfortable yet still look like I've made some kind of effort. My main advice to you is... find YOUR style. Don't copy someone else, you can definitely get inspo but we are all unique. I always used to dress like other people, oversized shirts, mom jeans but I soon realised this wasn't me. My style is all about simplicity but still dressy and now I feel comfortable in whatever I wear. So don't try and be someone else! 

The easiest way to make your outfit more stylish is to just add a few changes. Instead of a normal top, try off the shoulder. Add a hat, bag, jewellery. All these little changes make your outfit POP but as I've said find your sense of style! 

I also love to keep my outfits the same colours. I have ventured into trying more vibrant colours but I love the simple block coloured look. 

Let me know what you think x

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