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A Fathers Day Gift Guide- Uncommon Goods

Fathers day is fast approaching and if you're like me and never organised for these occasions then don't panic because have your back covered. I've decided to team up with this company and bring you a Fathers Day gift guide which will hopefully give you some much-needed inspiration if you're struggling! We all know how impossible dads are to buy for!

Now what I love about this company is the fact they bring together artists creations with individuals, something you don't tend to see a lot of online. Scrolling through their site you will come across dozens of creative handcrafted gifts and items you've probably never even thought existed hence their name 'uncommon'. Each product has a link to the creator which I think is really nice and shows appreciation for their work. The company is New York-based established in 1999, committed to sustainability and working with artists to use recycled materials and environmentally friendlier packaging, something I really value.

So let's get on with the gift guide!

I always think the smallest things mean the most in life. It’s not about the cost, it’s about putting a smile on your dad's face and showing them how much they mean to you. This little ‘what I love about Dad’ book says it all.


Dads love little gadgets and tools, right? This Wooden beer caddy would probably be one of the most exciting gifts they'll receive this year, even has a bottle opener on the side!  


This gift is just made for dads! I always remember as a child and still to this day my dad being obsessed with polishing and looking after his shoes. This product is sadly not shipped to the UK but I had to include it because I just know dads love this kind of thing.

Every dad loves a cup of tea and most dads are obsessed over grooming their beards and hair, so this mug is definitely for them.


If your dad is obsessed with keeping his desk neat and always loses his phone this gift has his name on it. It's a stylish iPhone charging dock.


So whether you are looking for slippers, beer glasses, picture frames or even a keyboard waffle maker, this company has you sorted for Fathers Day! You can even filter your selection to handmade or recycled, so there is something for everyone. 

However, Uncommon Goods doesn't just cater for Fathers Day you can search a variety of products for a range of occasions:

I really hope this post gives you some inspiration, don't stress you will get Father's Day sorted!

Disclaimer- This post is sponsored by, all opinions are my own

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