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First week of uni? What to expect

So you're planning on going to uni this year and have absolutely no idea what to expect? So you're spending endless amounts of time trawling through advice posts so you know EXACTLY what you're in for. Sound about right? We've all been there, sadly I can't tell you exactly how your experience will be as everyone has a completely different one BUT I can give you some little pointers and advice on how I survived the first week of uni.

The first day:

You will probably lose a lot of sleep building up to this day. I PROMISE it's not that scary. Everyone in your flat is in the same position and I mean EVERYONE. So don't fret! My main advice is don't shut yourself away. Meeting new people can be very nerve racking I get you BUT as soon as you get talking you kinda forget that you're all strangers living under one big roof. Make sure to keep your door OPEN and try and sit in the communal area as much as possible, this is the best way to build friendships. 

The first night 

The first night is the perfect time to get to know your flat well. If you have friends at the uni don't spend all your night with them. Make an effort with your flat because you have to live with these people for the next year! There will be plenty of ups and downs in that year but it's all part of the experience and a huge huge learning curve. If you're not a huge drinker or someone who likes clubs that's absolutely fine, just explain to your flatmates it's not your kinda thing and it isn't everyone's. So why not suggest having a takeaway night one day in the week! 


I wouldn't say I'm a homesick person. I was warned it would hit me somewhere along my university journey and that was in second year! The first week/months I was so occupied and distracted by my flatmates I hardly thought about home. If you start to feel homesick don't stress about it, it does hit a lot of people but living away from home is such a good experience and will help future you! This is also why it's so important to try and form close bonds with your flatmates as they become your literal family. 

What to expect?
- Not everyone has the same morals as you, some of your flatmates will be party animals, some may be reserved and some may not want anything to do with you. I was quite lucky in my flat as we were all close. You just have to be open-minded and be up for mixing with people you usually wouldn't. 

- In the first week, everything is so new and exciting and you kinda neglect your health and bank account. I didn't cook a meal a good month into living at uni...I lived off takeaways and ready meals for far too long. 

- EXHAUSTION AND FRESHERS FLU. Yes my dear friends this is a thing. If you haven't done a lads/girls holiday yet then freshers will be the absolute death of you. I remember hardly sleeping all week but it was one of the best weeks of my life and no you don't have to get drunk to have fun!

- Lectures! For some reason (I'm not sure if this is at every uni) they run freshers week alongside normal lectures. So you will be going out for the night and literally getting in with 3 hours to your next lecture. I think I skipped most of the lectures that week as they were get to know me sessions and I was too busy building a comfortable relationship with my bed...

-No 'cleaning fairy' You have probably heard your mum say this to you endless amounts of time BUT at uni, there is no one to clear up after you. It's your responsibility to do the dishes, do your washing, clean your room.

-The first shop, I remember in my first shop I pretty much brought the entire shop :) Don't do this. You don't need unlimited food. Be sensible with your money! You'll probably blow your life savings the first week as we all do.

The first week will wizz by and be a complete whirlwind of emotions but it is a completely unforgettable week and I hope it's for all the good reasons for you!

If you have any questions then you can always contact me on social media or directly through my blog. HAPPY TO HELP XO

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