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How to stay motivated to blog?

I'm guessing if you've clicked on this post you've hit a brick wall with ideas for posts. DO NOT PANIC. This happens to every single blogger and yes it's a complete ball ache but it's ok! I'm going to give you some idea's on what to blog about AND how to stay motivated to blog. 

How do I stay motivated?

Trust me it's a STRUGGLE. However, I have always been a motivated person. Motivated to do well at school, exams and just life in general. That doesn't mean for one second I'm intelligent because BELIEVE ME, I am not. I got my motivation from being constantly set back, receiving the lowest grades possible even when I worked my butt off or being told I'm not good at something purely because of my personality. There were plenty of times I just thought I'm never going to get anywhere unless I'm a completely different person. Never ever change who you are.

I think at my lowest points I turned to blogging and for the first time realised that hey I could actually be good at something and people were being nice back! It was a huge huge confidence boost. Blogging for me is a place where I can voice everything I feel. If you have a lot to talk about, start a bloody blog now it's also very therapeutic if you vent all your negative experiences in life.

I'm not a well-known blogger but it would be my absolute dream to be one day and that my friends is what keeps me motivated. Achieving little steps every day, watching my follower count slowly rise. Yes, there are people who become well known in months, they gain followers rapidly and you sit there and think HOW?! TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. So what? You will get there one day! 

As humans do we ever credit ourselves? I was thinking the other day, the moment I stopped comparing myself to other bloggers and feeling crap the moment I actually started to do a whole lot better in the blogging world. 

If you think blogging success happens instantly or you're in it to be 'famous' well sorry it doesn't happen overnight and that is not the point of blogging. I would continue blogging even if it never becomes my job. Of course, I would love to get my posts out there but if I 'never make it' IT DOESN'T MATTER. 

'Making it'

Also, let me know what 'making it' means to you in terms of blogging? Like what is your end goal because I read a lot of successful blogs and they still don't think they are amazing so when do we get to the point where we are like YES MUM I'VE DONE IT? To me, I feel like Zoella has set the end goal. But in reality whatever point you're at you will never feel like you've made it. So don't put that stress on yourself!

0 blog ideas?

I say this over and OVER again. Don't post if you have no ideas. Why? Because you'll sit staring at a blank screen for hours, type multiple sentences, delete, retype then publish something you're really not happy with and it's just not worth all the stress! 

So what can you blog about?

I would say the easiest things to blog about is things you've experienced in life. Now I'm not saying what you have experienced is easy to talk about! What I mean is you can speak from your literal heart and advise people in a similar situation what to do. That's why I love writing advice posts. I only ever write ones that I have experienced so I can share how I cope/coped with it. 

Maybe you're struggling to think of an experience or you simply don't feel comfortable to share it, that's fine! How about looking at how you've dealt with someone who's experiencing something in their life. You might have a friend who suffers from a mental health issue and how you help/helped them? 

Another good post is about goals. 1 year, 5 years, 10 years. I always love reading what people aim to achieve in the next few years!

I would say my favourite things to read because I'm SUPER nosy is how bloggers grow and get to work with brands. I love reading their tips. Why not share your blog story so far and what you've achieved?

Blogger help posts ALWAYS do well. Us bloggers are learning new things constantly and always can do with some new tricks of the trade.

Feeling useless?

DON'T. You're not useless at all. Just because you're not flooded with messages every day doesn't mean you are a rubbish blogger! We all have our own niche. Write whatever makes you happy. If you write for someone else, then huns you won't get anywhere. You can tell when bloggers aren't passionate about what they are writing. Write about what you love! You might not find your niche straight away but you will! Experiment with different genres of posts until you find one that fits who you are. 

Apologies for the lengthy post but I completely understand how depressing it is when you want to post but don't even know where to start. As always if you ever need me you know where to find me x

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