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It's easy to give up on blogging- here's why you shouldn't

Firstly what is the point of giving up on something when your journey hasn't even begun? Giving up gets you nowhere, it makes you feel more miserable and it's just completely not worth it. Now I'll let you off if you've tried blogging for a few months and it's just not your cup of tea, at least you TRIED and it isn't everyone's thing. This post is for the bloggers who work hard and feel like they get nowhere. HUNNIES WE ALL FEEL THE SAME WAY, EVEN THE MOST SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS. Every day, month, year, is completely different BUT DON'T YOU DARE GIVE UP.

No motivation

I can't even begin to count the number of times I've sat looking at a blank post thinking what the hell do I even write, who will even care and most importantly who will notice if I just quit? We have all felt that way and do you know what it's SO normal to feel like that. Blogging isn't easy. It takes time, hard work and bags of motivation. If you write a post and you didn't give it your all because you were in a negative mind frame, that comes across to your readers. The biggest tip I can give you is don't feel pressurised to post. If you have no ideas don't post. So what if you had a schedule, sometimes life doesn't go the way we want it to and our brain just doesn't function. It's totally fine to post once a week then the next week 10 times or the week after not at all. Post when you have the motivation and time and when you have a list of ideas. YES, consistency is key in the blogging world, it helps get you noticed but it really doesn't matter if you can't think of a second post for the week. 

Sometimes I'll be doing something and an idea will pop into my head. This is actually how this post was made, I was literally making my bed feeling quite unmotivated about the direction of my blog and then I had this idea to help anyone feeling the same. When an idea comes to you write it down straight away! Sometimes I'll be about to fall asleep an idea just pops into my head or I'll wake up half way through the night and I'll have one. Keep a notebook close or your phone and jot down ideas. You will be inspired and motivated at the weirdest times or when you're not even thinking about blogging. 


The worst thing you can do as a blogger is COMPARE YOURSELF to everyone. This is so unhealthy and doesn't achieve anything for you but a negative mindset. I used to look at other bloggers and feel so ashamed of myself that I wasn't an amazing writer, photographer, didn't have a good blog layout. We are all completely different. We all have different goals for our blogs and this attracts different people to them. When you see a blogger doing well don't feel hatred and bitterness because they began in the same place as you. Some people seem to grow in months others can take years. BUT if you're in the blogging game just for the money aspect and how many followers you have then that's not what blogging is about. Blogging for me is still a hobby. I would blog even if I didn't get paid or had the opportunities to work with brands. Blogging for me is about sharing my experiences and doing my best to help other people. That aspect will never change on here. The moment you stop comparing yourself and putting your blog down the moment you will see huge changes. A positive outlook goes a long way.


Similar to my previous paragraph you will see bloggers working with a range of brands monthly or even weekly and you'll do they work with so many people? I have more followers than them why am I not being spotted? I'll give you a tip with brands. It's not always about your followers. It's usually down to your passion and the way you write. For example, I'm an ambassador for Boohoo. When I started Boohoo I had 1000 followers on Instagram. Now there are people with amazing insta accounts with over 100,000 followers and I'm still in disbelief that I was chosen to represent one of my favourite brands. I know that my passion and dedication to writing and helping others feel body confident is why I was spotted. My other tip is, don't think brands will come to you. Yes, some do but most of the time is about you seeking them.


*Remember WHY you began blogging and think to yourself is it really worth giving up?
*Join the community, don't feel like an outsider! Join in with regular chats. I recommend the Blogosphere mag chat on Twitter at 8 pm on Sundays! Deffo one of my faves.
*Opportunites will come to you! It might feel like they won't but keep being you, keep raising awareness of your blog and Instagram and you will get noticed but not if you sit back and have the mindset a brand will approach you!
*To constantly keep your blog in the limelight use BUFFER this will be your life saver and you can use this to schedule tweets about your blog posts. Really helps. 
*Switch your blog up every now and then, I've recently purchased a domain and found a lot more people contacting me after doing so.
*Make sure your social media's and a contact page is visible on your blog.

I hope this helps in some way. If you are ever feeling super down about blogging come and talk to me I speak to a lot of you so willing to help more of you! You can contact me directly through here or send me a message on twitter x


This is my favourite quote EVER I really need to print it off and get it framed.

 "She believed she could so she did"

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