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My Boohoo summer picks

It's JUNE! Which pretty much means it's now summer right? We've enjoyed some fabulous weather over the last week where I REALLY struggled with what to wear. I haven't even started putting my summer wardrobe together yet. So that was a bit of a wake-up call and I thought I would share with you some pieces from Boohoo I have been LOVIN.

Flares, frills and lace 

First things first you can tell I'm loving pastel pinks and whites. 2 colours which scream summer vibes and also so pretty. This season is all about flares, frills and lace, all things I LOVE. Another huge trend is the return of flared trousers. Now like a lot of things I post on here relating to fashion, you either love or hate it and when I first found out that flares were back in I was like WHAT. I've never been a huge fan of wide leg trousers, I like everything slim fit and high waisted but you know me I like to switch things up and I'm ready to enter the flare stage of my life.

The return of the flares 

If you watched the Manchester One Love benefit concert last night you would have seen Miley Cyrus completely slaying a pair of gingham trousers. Which made me think back to a pair I saw on Boohoo a few weeks ago. Now I completely love the style of trousers I have selected for you, I'm just unsure on the pattern BUT hey they could work? I think they are just a bit out there for me.


Gosh, I am so obsessed with all things metallic and holographic at the moment. I have been browsing a tonne of rain coats because miraculously I don't own one and I'm quite unsure why because I've found myself really needing one in the last few months. SO check out this very pretty raincoat I have chosen. This would be PERFECT for festivals or walk your dog in style.

Gladiator sandals

Another trend I never saw myself liking was gladiator sandals. Firstly I HATE having my toes out does anyone actually enjoy their toes on show?? But I saw this pair and think they are so heavenly pretty. They are covered in pearls what more could you want???

Let me know what trends you're loving and your fave piece I have chosen x

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