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Summer vibes with Missy Empire

Firstly how stunning is this weather?! Except I am way tooo hot so this shoot was literally done at 9pm and I was still sweating! Today I bring you one of my FAVE shoots ever a collab with Missy Empire.

I have been after a top like this for so long it's not even funny. You know when you have a top you really want and it just doesn't seem to exist anywhere? Well, this top is my new summer go to. As you all know I struggle with summer clothes HUGELY. I'm such a winter gal, love layering, love a pair of chunky boots and a cosy coat. In Summer I just find it impossible to know what to wear! Some days it's too hot other days you need a coat, I can't deal with all this not knowing! 

Already interested in this top? This link will send you directly to it!

Let's talk about the top, so it's a floral flared sleeved crop top with a lil tie at the back. Fits PERFECTLY super flattering. First impressions? Literally nothing but love. On their site they have this one or a black one. Usually, I would go for black but I was like NO ELLA you NEED a summer wardrobe. The sleeves aren't to everyone's taste, they are quite long and very flared but I love that style, you will see a photo later on in this post. For only £22 YES PLEASE.

How pretty is the back, actually makes me wanna shed a tear. I'm wearing a size small and it's very fitted, not to the point you can't move. To make it tighter around your waist you can tie it at the back. Look at the sleeves! Also obsessed with yellow and white this season.This top just gives me all the summer feels. 

The neckline is fairly low cut, I don't have the boobies to fill it but it doesn't expose anything so don't panic. If you were feeling insecure you can always put a lil bandeau underneath. 

As usual wearing my beloved Topshop jeans, H&M hat and some very cute Primark mules. I always think when you wear something fairly bold on top to stick with a block colour on the rest of your body. Also, makes the top stand out more. So overall I am in love with this top. Don't stress about looking like a clown with flared sleeves. If people comment they clearly don't understand fashion. If anyone ever makes a comment on your outfit in a negative way they are just jealous. Don't let anyone tell you what you should and shouldn't wear!

I hope you like this outfit! I'll leave the links below x

Disclaimer: Post contains PR samples

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