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Blogging myths and the reality

If you're not a blogger, you probably have this perspective that people who blog just get sent free things and it's the easiest job in the world. I want to put to bed some myths about blogging and open up anyone's eyes who honestly think you just grow and become Zoella in a matter of years/months. 
You get free stuff ALL THE TIME 

This is FAR from the truth. I had been blogging for two years before a brand even got in touch with me. I didn't take blogging seriously until last year and still even now I don't have brands throw themselves at me, don't get me wrong I am more than grateful for the opportunities I've had but it's nowhere near true you get stuff all the time.

Blogging is not a real job

I would love for one day to make blogging my job but how annoying is it when people look down on others for being full-time bloggers and YouTubers. I don't think people actually understand how much work it takes to build yourself up and get to a point where you can leave a job and focus on blogging full time. I also don't understand how blogging isn't seen as a job? What is the difference if you work on an online magazine every day or something in social media? Just because bloggers don't have to go into a workplace every day does not mean for one second they have it easy. They are simply just people achieving their dreams and wouldn't all we love to have a job that we're so passionate about. That is my goal. 

It's SO easy

Yes you're right it's very easy to set up a blog but do you think it's easy to grow on social media and actually get readers and earn money? No, it's not easy at all. It takes a lot of hard work, constant ideas and persistence and being paid about 1p on AdSense every day. Blogging takes a lot of your time. I admire people who actually go to work every single day but still have the time to write on their blogs. Bloggers are some of the most dedicated, passionate people you will ever meet. So if you ever think it's easy to grow on social media I would love for you to try yourself first. 

Brands will only work with you if you have thousands of followers

Not true at all, even tho people will tell you that is the case. Take it from someone who is an ambassador for Boohoo and got that position with 1000 followers. I thought brands would only notice me if I had over 100,000. So when a brand that has over a million wanted to work with me I did literally die inside. It will always be one of my proudest achievements.Brands look for dedicated/passionate people. Yes, it obviously does help if you have thousands, you will get noticed easily but even if you have a small following, brands will still notice you! Hashtag them in your posts, like their stuff and just show persistence and you might get an email regarding a collaboration. I constantly see on Instagram brands collaborating with bloggers who have less than 1000. 

You have to be a good writer to blog 

The best thing about blogging is the fact you don't have anyone marking your work or telling you what you have written is wrong. You definitely do not need to be a good writer to be able to blog. I would love to know what a good writer is for one. Don't be put off blogging if you think you have to have some high achievements in English and grammar or even story telling. All you need is passion and determination and hey if you aren't the best at grammar (which I'm not either) there are a load of online tools that can help.

You need to buy your own domain and template

I have only bought my own domain after a year of taking my blog seriously by that I mean making sure I post twice a week and just staying on top of it. If you're new to blogging you definitely do not need to buy a domain or template until a year or two later. Even then you don't have to! To be honest it doesn't make a huge difference buying both. I wanted a template because some of the default ones aren't very interactive and that was the goal of my blog. Buying a domain has increased traffic to my site but not by a huge amount. I would say try blogging for a year and see if you like it but definitely do not invest into it if you don't plan on taking it that seriously. But you 100% don't need to purchase those things to be successful.

Let me know of any you can think of, these were the main ones that popped into my head.

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