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Don't be resentful of others success- be inspired!

Social media can be SO depressing sometimes BUT it can also make you feel very inspired and motivated to work harder when you see someone doing amazing. We've all scrolled through Instagram and seen bloggers receiving amazing gifts, working with incredible brands and travelling the world with them and you just sit there and sigh. Comparison ladies gets you absolutely nowhere if anything it demotivates me! So stop feeling sorry for yourself and bringing your blog down! I have a few tips x
1. There is nothing wrong with your blog! 

I feel like we can all relate to this one. Is anyone ever in love with their blog? I have a love/hate relationship with mine and I know a lot of others do too, which seems perfectly normal! BUT there is most likely nothing wrong with your blog and constantly switching it up probably won't make you feel any better about it! So try and stick with a template and keep producing content. ALSO, don't make your blog look like someone else. YES get inspo that's important but 100% have your own identity.

2.What changes can you make to grow? 

Start being more active on social media, consistent with posting, maybe join groups and pods to bring awareness to your blog. 

3.A positive mindset never hurt nobody

It's actually mad how a change of mindset can switch up the whole blogging game for you. Instead of competing and comparing, just be you! No one wants to see copy cat bloggers. Have your own identity and success will come at your own rate!
4. Ask for help!

I feel like this is one we're all scared to actually do? Because we don't want to be seen as inexperienced and looking stupid. Most bloggers are friendly and easy to talk to, ask them for tips and their tricks! 

5. Understand that every month is going to be different

In the blogging world, every day is different. One day you could have hundreds of views the next nothing. Everyone goes through this! So don't stress, just keep going!

6. You don't need an award to be a good blogger

Of course, it would be amazing to win a blogging award BUT dwelling over the fact you're never nominated achieves nothing but sadness for you! I know and read plenty of amazing blogs who should 110% have awards for their work. You don't always need something to prove you're good at something! For me, your messages are all I need!

7. Don't be bitter

I see some bloggers bring others down for being successful. I will never understand why people are like this because it doesn't make you look very genuine to your followers. I always feel so proud when I see a blogger doing well. Your day will come! I promise! 

8. Everyone starts in the same place 

This is SO important to remember. Nobody gets instant fame, everyone has to work for it, so when you feel upset seeing these amazing lifestyles that could easily be you one day as well! JUST KEEP UP THE HARD WORK AND ALWAYS BE YOU X

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