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How to deal with blogger hate and judgement?

I'm pretty sure in your blogger lifetime you would have felt judged or worried about people finding out about your blog. Normal feeling? 100%! I don't know why we are terrified of people finding out BUT bloggers and YouTubers do seem to receive so much hate and I'll never understand why? What is possibly so weird about having a blog or youtube channel? I'll tell you.. NOTHING. So if you have ever felt judged or been laughed at for doing either of those things, those people are nothing but jealous. Jealous they haven't got the confidence you have. Don't listen to people's negative views EVER! So if you have been thinking about giving up blogging, this post is for you!


The amount of times I've become so close to shutting down my blog or channel is ridiculous. All because I was so scared what people would say. The issue is when you enter this industry where you put your voice out online, people are going to comment and most of the time it is all positive but you will have people who take the mick and make you feel like you're so weird. Sadly these people can be your friends or even family. 

My main advice here is if your friends comment negatively about what you do, they aren't true friends. You should never feel like you can't talk about what you do in case they take the mick. 


It's perfectly normal to be afraid to tell friends. I didn't tell my friends for a good few years. They knew I had a blog but I never felt like I could say by the way I do this and work with brands. This is not because I thought they were bad people and would take the mick, they have actually been pretty proud of my achievements.Blogging isn't something everyone does or understands that is what makes it so difficult to tell people.

You will realise your friends will actually be pretty impressed with what you do and if they don't as I've said before they aren't true friends. 


If you want to keep your blog secret that is also perfectly fine. However, I would recommend setting up separate social media accounts from your personal. This helps keep your blogging and personal life separate. If I posted the amount of times I do on my blog insta on my personal I know I would annoy people. My blog Instagram is full of bloggers and people with similar passions. I highly recommend keeping things separate, also makes it professional and you don't feel judged! 


Don't react. One of my biggest lessons learnt is to never react or acknowledge hate. Whether this is from online trolls or friends, trying to defend yourself gets you absolutely nowhere. Just ignore their comments. As I've said these people are nothing but jealous and will do ANYTHING to stop you from doing what you love. Never listen to them. 


The moment you stop caring what other people think the moment life becomes a lot happier. This year I vowed to not care if people discovered my blog or youtube channel. I have never felt so much better about myself and have realised I have become a lot more successful online by doing this. 

It is not easy to not care, believe me, I understand that. But I promise you the moment you ignore what people think and proudly say you have a blog, many doors will open for you. BE PROUD FOR BEING A BLOGGER.


The best advice I can give up is to never give up, being in this industry you do need to have a fairly thick skin. I definitely don't have this but I'm working on it. Continue doing what you love and don't you dare care what people think because life is way too short for that! Blogging and Youtube can open so many doors for you if you work hard and stay consistent. When you're doing good watch all those people and fake friends want to know you. 


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