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This wall has become my new best friend. I always dream about modelling clothes outside pretty houses but I don't live near any! So until that point, I'll stick with block coloured walls. Today's fashion post features this stunning white blouse and the most gorgeous sandals EVER. Interested? All links will be tagged xo

 So on top I'm wearing a sheer lace blouse with a bandeau underneath from Boohoo. I would advise wearing something underneath unless you want your nips on show but hey if that's your thing I'm not one to judge. The sleeves are my fave part as I'm still a huge fan of the flared trend. You either love them or hate them, it can be a bit of a task to do everyday things when you have huge sleeves but fashion kills hunnies. The blouse is sheer at the top then lace on the bottom, I really like this contrast I think it's really elegant and classy. 

I got this top originally for £18 IT'S NOW £8! 

I've now entered a phase of my life where details are EVERYTHING. I have experiemented with a lot of trends and now I'm onto details, next trousers. Lets move on to my fave shoes ever??? I hate photos of my feet, I think everyone does, they are such an awkward body part to photograph. 

When anyone mentions gladiator sandals it makes me think of my dad and I'm just like no way is that fashion. I then saw a lot of bloggers styling these beauties and I just knew I HAD to get them. I constantly struggle for summer shoes as you ALL know (I don't shut up about it) nothing ever fits properly or is comfortable! These are! Also, they are covered in pearls, what more could you want??!

Get these beauties HERE ----->

I hope you all have a fabulous week and remember DRESS HOWEVER YOU LIKE, DON'T WORRY WHAT PEOPLE THINK!

*I'm an ambassador for Boohoo, I have an allowance for clothes, all views are my own*

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