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Loreal true match highlighter- worth it?

I hardly ever do beauty posts so when I do upload them you know it must be something I'm raving about and want to recommend to you. I'm one of those people who are pulled in by 3 for 2 offers (I CANNOT SAY NO). I also find it tricky when I don't actually need 3 items but this offer gives me the chance to experiment with new products and you know I'm always up for trying new things. 

Worth it?

So this retails for £8.99. I have been searching for an all over highlighter for ages. I'm a huge fan of the N07 one which is a highlighter/illuminator but its a lil bit on the pricey side of life which my student bank balance cannot afford. What I love about this highlighter is the dewy/natural look it gives you. I chose the rose shade to give my skin a pinkish tone and to make me look more alive in the morning instead of forever being a pale ghost. The other shade you can choose is golden glow.

Skin type? 

I have fairly problematic skin so I have to be extra careful when trying new products. I only apply this to the areas not affected. My main problem zone is my forehead so I always try and avoid caking on makeup in that area but overall this is really light on the skin, not sticky and if you suffer from dry skin it's also very moistursing. 


I love the pigment of this because it's not too much. Don't get me wrong I love showing I have highlighter all over my face, who doesn't? But I got this one to make my face appear to have a natural glow which is exactly what it does! 

So if you're all about that glow life then this product is perfect for you!

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