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Stepping out of your comfort zone with new trends

It's only in the last 2 years that I have had the confidence to wear anything maxi styled. I never thought the style would compliment my figure and I always felt very uncomfortable. Here on my blog I'm all about teaching you to love your body and experiment with new trends SO my little pale self is going to teach you how to have confidence wearing a maxi skirt, maybe you'll even buy one at the end of this post? 

I don't know what is so daunting about wearing anything maxi. I used to hate my curves but now I've learned to love them. You're probably thinking (what curves...) I do own a roundish bum just never tend to feature her. 

I remember trying on my first maxi dress and feeling so uncomfortable I didn't even want to be seen dead in it. The problem is when you have a low level of body confidence you think everything looks rubbish on you. I'm constantly trying to move past these feelings and embrace different styles of clothing. It's not easy to step out of your comfort zone I KNOW! But believe me, the moment you start switching your style up slowly and wearing things you never thought you could, your confidence will go from a strong 0 to 9. Not a 10 because when does anyone ever feel a solid ten in life. 

I don't know if you are like me and struggle with summer clothing. I've mentioned it in EVERY single post so far. Recently it's been too hot for jeans and my denim skirt just seems to ride up my bum all day. So I've been struggling to know what to wear on my bottom half. That's why I decided I need a skirt and praise the lord! I found this beauty in the sale for £13! GO ME (I suck at sales usually). 

As soon as I saw the slit maxi skirt trend in shops and featuring on every blog I KNEW it was my time to experiment. However, trying to find a cute crop top to pair it with came with huge difficulty because the moment I put on a white one I looked too dressy. I realised for a simple, casual, summer day look, you cannot go wrong with stripes! I'm pretty sure you all own a lot of stripes, it's a wardrobe essential!

Don't be afraid to experiment! Maxi skirts compliment any figure, they are classy, on trend and just elegant! 

I've tried to link similar items down below for the ones I couldn't find! 

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