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A Summer OOTD With Topshop

Does anyone else struggle to think of creative titles for their posts? Well I do every single time so I've come up with an even more boring one than usual. Today's OOTD is this beautiful Topshop slit dress that I'm completely OBSESSED WITH. Interested? Read on x
 When deciding what colour to purchase this in I struggled to pick between Green, navy and pink. I did REALLY want the green but they didn't have it in my size TYPICAL. So I decided to be adventurous and go for navy which I think I've pulled off fairly well, wasn't sure if it would suit my skin colour but hey we're rolling with it.

Getting OOTD pics is hard enough so sadly I only managed 2 and in this heat it was hard to look cool and not a sweaty mess. 

I love the design of this dress. Maxi styled buttoned all the way down with a slit and also a bow revealing a lil bit of flesh. I got it in a size 6 purely because I like things fitted and I found an 8 gave me no shape whatsoever and just hung off me. 

Apologies about my ugly flip flops, as usual my sandals snapped, does this happen to anyone else abroad? If I have sandals with a back the straps just seem to snap EVERY YEAR. Also my hairband is a constant feature in every post. Other than that I'm featuring a beaut 10 euro market bag. I'm not even joking but the knock off bags I get abroad always last for years compared to high street ones. MADNESS. 

I would highly recommend you getting yourself this dress if you are venturing abroad in the next few weeks. It's comfy, casual but also looks like you've made an effort. I also love how I could dress this up with some heels for drinks at night!

Let me know what you think!

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