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Embracing different styles

Being back from holiday sucks, doesn't it? I always struggle with MAJOR holiday blues when I arrive back in the UK. I think I've got the travel bug 24/7. Anyway, today's post is about being experimental and embracing new styles. We all know I'm a huge lover of jumpsuits but this one was even a little out of my own comfort zone believe it or not!

So I first saw this piece on a stunning model over on Instagram and instantly I was like I NEED THAT. Doesn't take me much persuading with buying new clothes I cannot help myself at all! As a huge lover of all things stripes, I knew my wardrobe was missing a piece this funky. Wearing it on holiday I got a few odd looks because it's not everyone's cuppa tea BUT I did feel like I was dressed like someone out of ABBA. So if you get this you will see what I mean, overall it's just a bit funky and out there!

I'm wearing a size 8 and I adore the fit. Some jumpsuits cling and hang in the wrong places, this one fits perfectly, no awkward camel toe, no gaping material anywhere it's honestly just fab so I was very impressed. The material is fairly light but very figure hugging so wouldn't recommend wearing in 40-degree heat because I was sweating in it at night! 

The top is my fave part. It's a cross over the material you tie in a bow or however you like. I find this style super flattering and adds something to the piece rather than it just being a plain jumpsuit.

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So here is a full OOTD shot. You can pair this with sandals or heels so dress it up or be super casual! These sandals are my fave because they are SO COMFY, perfect for a night out, although I have twisted my ankle in them a billion times I do that with every pair of shoes I own. Does anyone else have super weak ankles...?

I prefer this as a dressy piece just because it's not something everyone would pick to wear and who wants to be the same as everyone else?? NOT ME. So girls wear what you want if you get dirty looks from people SO WHAT at least you're being you!

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