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Free gifts are always WORTH IT

I'm a sucker for any type of makeup offers. Bourjous currently have one that if you spend £12 you get a free gift. Well, ladies, thank me later, this gift is MORE than worth it! Full-size products?! You hardly ever get full-size products in a free gift, yet alone 3 of them! I always find free products are a perfect excuse to experiment with different makeup that you wouldn't usually go for, then you end up buying it and spending even more money. Life ay.

When I opened the cute packaging and saw this I think my heart actually melted. Matte lipsticks are my absolute fave. I think they are so flattering, long lasting and just so pretty. Bourjois always go above and beyond with their lipsticks I highly recommend them. This shade is called 'velvet'. Who doesn't love velvet? It is very similar to Mac's velvet teddy, a huge obsession of mine. The advantage with this lipstick is that it's a lot cheaper than Mac and actually stays on longer! So for my first Bourjois lippy, I am very impressed and definitely want to try out the rest of their range. 

So the other two products are a mascara and an eyebrow pencil/highlighter, all essentials right? I love the mascara packaging and it has a mirror on the side which is fabulous because I'm one of those people who doesn't ever have a little mirror to carry around with them. The wand isn't as thick as I usually go for, I like mascaras that provide a lot of volume, this wand is for length rather than volume, still an essential tho! Sometimes I like volumised lashes other times I like a natural long length look. 

The brow pencil I'm not sure if I will use but again I'm up for trying! I find it really difficult to find a brow product I LOVE. I've recently gone back to using one from Benefit because I love angled tips rather than just a pencil. What I do love about this tho is the highlighter, I haven't actually got a brow highlighter so this will definitely get used. 

So overall I'm very impressed with the products, my fave being the lippy and my least being the brow pencil BUT I thought I would show you what you get and my first impressions so you can decide whether it's an offer you want to buy into!

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