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The Return Of The One Piece

Uploading blog posts abroad is not my fave thing to do because 100% of the time the internet is shocking, which is why it has taken me nearly a week to upload one! Today's post is about the return of the one piece, something I never ever saw myself wearing again since I stopped wearing them in 2002!! I've seen a load of bloggers wearing them and I thought why not TRY and see if I like them again and now I prefer them more than wearing bikinis!!

Deciding on a colour and the type of one piece I wanted was a very difficult decision as I hadn't worn one in SO long so I had no idea what would compliment my figure. I decided you can't go wrong with red and red with a tan looks very good. This one is a scoop back which you will see in a minute and a fairly low neck line. My fave part is the back I think the straps are so flattering and the overall style.

So I'm wearing a size 8 and it fits perfectly, not too small and not too big. I did order one previously that had straps that just fell down every-time you moved. This one keeps you very supported. Now one pieces aren't always the best for bringing out your assets. They tend to flatten my bum and boobs but hey I still think this is pretty! So if you are thinking of buying one be prepared to lose your bumps and curves. 

I always find scoop backs so flattering, I just love the overall simplicity of this one piece and how comfortable it is!!

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