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Why I prefer reading blogs than magazines

Magazines and bloggers seem to have a weird relationship. Most of the time we don't seem to be magazines greatest fans as they see us as 'competition'. I personally don't see any competition as we are both completely different! I don't read many magazines so I thought I would share my thoughts on why I prefer reading blogs, maybe you feel the same? 


Don't get me wrong I adore the photos in magazines and the beautiful clothes they feature but the majority of the time these are designer labels and beautiful models which in reality a lot of us can't compare to. I love how bloggers (most) are real with their followers, discussing real issues, embracing flaws and showing different styles and trends.


I feel like magazines don't portray enough of different body types and disabilities. In a magazine, everything seems so perfect but is life ever perfect? What I love about bloggers is that you can find someone who struggles with the same issues as you, has your fashion sense, understands your disability etc. The blogging world represents everyone, whether you're straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, curvy, thin. Do we see enough of this in magazines? Don't get me wrong I'm seeing a lot more representation but still not enough!


Something I'm not the biggest fan of is airbrushing. As a blogger who encourages people to accept the skin they are in and experiment with different styles, I see airbrushing as false advertising. Yes, it's fine to increase the brightness and all that jazz on photos, I just don't agree with making bodies smaller, enhancing skin tones and covering flaws. As someone who has felt the pressure to look a certain way, I know how damaging airbrushing can be for young girls to see as they aspire to be like someone who is completely edited and an unachievable body type. I know some bloggers airbrush their photos and I completely understand if they have insecurities but personally, I wouldn't do this as I feel like I'm portraying a false representation of myself to my followers. 


As I've said previously the blogging world represents most people and covers a variety of topics compared to what magazines discuss. I love how you can literally search for blogs that suit everything you like and want, whether you're interested in fashion, sports, lifestyle, travelling. Yes, there are obviously loads of different types of magazines but I feel bloggers are more honest and open with their reviews on places and products compared to what a magazine says. 


I love how bloggers and their followers can constantly talk to each other, encourage each other and support each other's growth. You can message someone and instantly get a reply, everything in the blogging world just feels more personalised and you feel cared about! Magazines can't really build a close connection with their readers purely because they are huge huge businesses!

So are you a magazine lover or more of a blogging lover? I think you know what I am! I do want to just clarify I have nothing against magazines! I just prefer the blogging world!! 

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