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Dressing casual with Romwe

If you know me then you'll know I'm not good at this whole casual look, it's never really been me. I've always thought dressing casual made you look like you made no effort BUT I've proved myself wrong and realised this is not the case. You can still look just as good casual than you do dressed up and this causal phase of my life is DEFFO STICKING AROUND. Why wear skin tight jeans 24/7 when I can wear groovy leggings and a comfy bodysuit??? 

I've seen this striped trouser/legging look for a while now and knew I had to jump on the trend because that's what I do with all new trends YOU HAVE TO AT LEAST TRY and if it doesn't work for you then that's more than ok. 

I've recently been looking for casual uni wear and finding my September wardrobe. I'm so sick of wearing jeans all the time and all the leggings I own are so flimsy and that you can see your underwear which I don't appreciate. So I thought why not try some from

Like my previous review of the Shein website, I wasn't sure what to expect but again I'm really impressed. I thought these leggings would be fairly thin but they are quite thick and you can't see your underwear which is a bonus. They are also so comfortable I've been LIVING in them every day, I'm so excited to wear them to uni.

I did struggle however knowing what to pair these with as I don't own a lot of jumpers or casual stuff I'M LEARNING OK. I did buy a jumpsuit from Topshop though that matches perfectly with the same colours. So I thought a denim jacket and chunky sandals would complete this look and I'm very happy with the outcome. 

You can shop the leggings here ---->
Bodysuit --->

So my advice is..... don't be afraid to try styles that aren't really you! I've learned I can still feel just as good dressing down than I do dressing up. 

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