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Travel diary Split

I feel like I've been absent from social media for some time when in reality it's only been a week. It's mad how you can go a day from social media and literally miss a lifetime of stuff. So where have I been? I've been exploring the beautiful city Split which is in Croatia. So I thought I would give you my opinions on Split itself and a few photos along the way! So if you love loads of pics this post is for you.

First things first THE FRUIT is actually insane. Why in England do we not have cute little juice bars and fruit places?! This little pop-up store made the best fruit juices and fruit salads I was amazed. Look how colorful that is! This was 30 kuna which works out around £3.80 which I don't think is too pricey for a decent fruit salad.


I was blown away by how beautiful Split is and all its buildings. Pink seems to be a very popular colour which I LOVE.


You all know how much I love a good OOTD. I've lived in this dress pretty much all week it was definitely my go to. If you haven't jumped on the red trend then what are you waiting for? 

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The strip

Daytime photos of the strip don't do it justice. At night all the bars and streets are lit up and its so picturesque and beautiful. We didn't exactly choose the best time to explore Split, I spent most of the week caught in thunderstorms and torrential rain. So if you're planning on visiting be prepared for a sudden weather change and I mean it's SUDDEN.

I would recommend eating at the Pasta Factory! This was one of the best meals I've ever had. Meatballs is deffo worth your money!


Split doesn't seem to really have beaches. It was just a tiny area of land and most people sunbathed on the pavement. BUT the sea was beautiful and very clear. Just a shame there isn't much of a sandy beach to sit on.


One of the most terrifying points of this trip was when we climbed St Domnius Bell Tower, it was so high my legs turned to jelly and I considered getting airlifted down BUT the views were insane I just wish it was a clearer day to take pics! I would definitely recommend going up it just be warned it has steep stairs and very unstable railings which is what made me panic. I never get scared of heights!

KRKA Waterfalls- MUST VISIT 

A bit of a pricey day trip but 100% worth ticking off the bucket list. You can swim in these waterfalls which I would recommend HOWEVER the current does get quite strong and I did bash my legs a few times on the rocks. But overall a very picturesque place, lush ice-cream, and crepes as well! 

Stray cats

So you're probably thinking Ella where are all your fashion pics? WELL, my friends as you may or may not know I'm kind of obsessed with pets and have a HUGE HUGE heart for animals. I never thought I would spend the majority of my time in Split caring for this kitten but hey I did and it was worth it. 

If you've visited Split you will be aware of the huge problem with stray cats, it's heartbreaking I've never seen so many. I spotted this kitten and couldn't leave it so I went back daily to feed and give it attention as well as the other 20 cats. I tried my hardest to get him into a shelter but on my final day, I realised how much he was cared for by his family and this angel of an old man who came to care for them daily and there was no way I could separate him from all of that and put him at risk of being dumped by the shelter in a completely isolated place.

So if you're going to Split give this baby some love he's the friendliest TINIEST thing to exist. 

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