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Monthly Recommendations

For the last few months, I've angled my blog purely towards fashion SO for a bit of a change of scenery I've decided to do monthly favourites post...starring a few of my fave products, music and people I'm genuinely loving in terms of the blogging/youtube world. 


What would the world be without music? If I go a day without listening I feel so miserable. I'm one of those annoying people who doesn't really have a type of music they love, I listen to a bit of everything really, mainly whatever Spotify throws at me. So this month I've been loving MK's song 17. Give it a listen!

Keeping with the theme of music it's always fabulous to actually have a decent pair speakers. Panasonic has recently launched a new range of wireless speakers. If you're a uni student these are ideal for pre-drinks and bringing everyone together GOOD VIBES PEOPLE. Obviously, the speakers include Bluetooth which gives you the freedom to connect and re-stream between other speakers so they are definitely not limiting and worth investing in. For all the music lovers they also feature an integrated subwoofer. If you had to google that don't worry I did too ( basically a very loud speaker). 

They tend to range from £150 up to £300 depending on your price range this is fairly affordable on the dreaded student budget especially when there are 7 of you in a flat, it would divide between you all nicely. 

Check out the range here- Panasonic Wireless Speakers


I cannot recommend this next product to you enough. Forget Mac and Bobbi Brown and feast your eyes on this beauty MAKEUP REVOLUTION. If you're looking for a day to night lipstick that lasts and is moisturising on the lip THIS IS YOUR GIRL AND GUESS WHAT SHE COSTS T H R E E POUNDS!!. This is literally my ride or die lippy it goes everywhere with me and I actually do prefer it to Mac.

Shop it here----> Lippy


We all know I'm a huge fashion lover so this month I've jumped on the baker boy hat trend and I'm never looking back. I love a good hat and this is definitely my autumnal/winter style one. Don't be afraid of hats A LOT of people are and I get it! They can be pretty terrifying and sometimes your face just doesn't work BUT I promise if you keep trying you'll love them. 

Shop it here --->


I haven't managed to watch a lot of Youtube recently due to deadlines and just LIFE, however, I thought I would share who I've been loving and that is two best friends called Sophia and Cinzia, they are BFFL goals and literally hilarious and so relatable! Give them a watch.


I have so many favourites from the blogging world but someone who I think is killin it RN is the beautiful Lizzy Roddy. She is a fashion guru and girl boss. If you haven't seen her posts deffo go check her out! I'm 99% positive you already know about her.

Let me know if you like these style of posts!

Disclaimer- *This post contains affiliate links and a sponsored post*

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