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Blouse Bodysuits

I've been obsessing over blouses for what feels like centuries. Every time I've tried one I've never been able to pull them off but my blog is all about experimenting and not giving up so I went back to them and found a gem!

This is possibly one of my fave looks. I know I say that about pretty much every new item of clothing I ever get BUT I am quite a fan of this one. So the shirt is actually a bodysuit from Romwe. Now it looks fairly big on me because its a medium. Always shop for your size gals. I really wanted this so I thought I'd risk it and it still works I just like things very fitted which this is not!

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I've paired it with joni jeans, my baker boy hat and my favourite heeled boots. If you haven't purchased any sock boots this year GET ON IT they will revolutionalise your life.

So you can either be really dressy with this or be fairly casual. It is low cut so definitely more of a night out/drinks outfit. However, I have worn it with a bandeau underneath which works just as well. AND guess what girls if you're flat chested like me don't be put off by low cut things, we can still rock them!

I know what it's like to have absolutely 0 confidence about wearing things low cut but the moment you stop caring the moment life gets so much easier!!! Who cares if you have no boobs, we all have things we would love to change you just have to embrace what you have.

So don't buy things because you don't have the 'preferred' figure for it. WEAR WHAT YOU WANT. 

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