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How to be body confident?

Body confidence is probably one of the trickiest things to achieve in life and if you have it well go you! A lot of us struggle and that's perfectly normal and ok. If you've followed my blog for a long time you will know I'm not body confident in the slightest (it's all an act) which I will teach you my tricks and tips and hopefully after this post you might view yourself in a better light!

Stop comparing

Rule number one. You can't change your features so embrace them. To you, there will always be someone prettier and 'better' but having that mindset will get you nowhere. Even the most beautiful people want to change how they look.


Even if you hate the way you look, try and pretend you don't. I know it sounds ridiculous but it's helped me. If you say to yourself a million times I ACTUALLY LOOK FINE your mind will start to believe it. I used to get all the time your body language is telling me you are nervous and insecure. The moment I started to not care as much people have a different outlook on the way I see myself even if it is fake!

Don't point out your insecurities

When you're having a shitty body confidence day the worst thing you can do is start telling people everything you hate because 99% of the time they wouldn't have even realised anything was different on you! I'm not saying don't talk about your issues you should always do that! But say if you have a spot and think it's taking up your entire face, I can guarantee it's not and no one would have even noticed. Our minds like to let us think everything is ten times worse than how they actually appear to everyone else. 


Fashion/retail therapy

The only thing that actually makes me feel better about my appearance is the way I dress. It's amazing how much clothes can change your mood or outlook on your body. So treat yourself to a little bit of retail therapy and experiment with clothes you wouldn't usually go for it (without breaking the bank).


I used to be one of those people who would laugh when someone told me exercising would change my outlook on myself. Well, after a year of frequently working out I couldn't feel better about myself or my body. I highly recommend even if its just once a week implementing an exercise routine into your life or going on long walks. Very therapeutic.


The best thing to stop you focusing on your body is distracting your mind. The more time you spend dwelling on everything you hate about yourself the less time you have to actually start making yourself feel better. Blogging has always been my distraction so find a hobby and focus all of your energy into that rather than focusing it on something you can't change.


I'm pretty sure you've all had a boy who's made you question your self-worth and appearance. If that boy is still in your life please get rid of him now. You should never be with someone who makes you question if you're good enough. So if one of the reasons why you feel so miserable about your reflection is because of a boy he's not the right person for you and jesus does he not deserve you in the SLIGHTEST.

If I've learnt anything from my ongoing body confidence journey?

- People that make comments about you are insecure as hell
-Girls who give you filthy looks when you pass them in the street are insecure
-You can't change who you are, so embrace it 

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