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Xmas Party Style Inspo

I don't actually have the stress of having to find an outfit for a xmas party BUT I thought I would share with you what I would choose if I was going to one and maybe it will help you decide on something!

One of the biggest trends rn is emerald green clothing. I personally own no green clothing and now I'm starting to wonder why when pretty much everything I've picked for this post is a Green shade.

I've already shared this bodysuit in a previous post but this is PERFECT for a Xmas party with black trousers. Super classy and elegant! Paired with some silver heels and a cute bag. It's simple but very sophisticated. The neckline on the bodysuit is perfect for wearing a choker or even a plunge drop necklace.

This next look is my absolute fave. I've seen so many YouTubers wearing this outfit and it makes me want it ten times more I just don't have any occasions for it! Red is the colour of the season so why not be extra fancy and daring with this duo. I can't say I'm a huge flared trouser lover but I could definitely experiment with this outfit with some heels. Again, it's simple but makes you stand out from the crowd. A lil bit extra but all eyes will be on you!

What is xmas without the perfect dress? Glitter, off shoulder and tassel dresses, are huge on trend RN. I am dying to get my hands on the first dress I think it's super elegant and very different. I never want to look like other people so if you're like me and like to be daring with your outfits, number 1 is for you! If you're looking for something less out there then the tassel dress has your name on it. I'm obsessed with heart-shaped necklines, they are super flattering and anyone can rock an LBD. Finally if plunge is not your cup of tea then you can't go wrong with off shoulder dresses. Again they are super flattering and easy to accessorise. The final dress is slinky material which is the most flattering material ever and pulls you in, in all the right places. 

So I hope this post gives you some inspo! Be experimental this Xmas and don't be scared to be different!

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