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The two piece obsession

I'm turning 21 VERY SOON (terrifying) have I got my life together? Absolutely not. However, I have got a good outfit sorted so I guess that is something.... I've been looking for some high waisted striped trousers for ages and nowhere had any I loved. But ofc the opposite side of the bloody world did. Regrets? None. 

So this two-piece set is from Tiger Mist. I thought amazing! Add to basket straight away. Then I realised they were an Australian brand and getting it here wasn't going to be the cheapest or quickest. I ummed about it for a week then took the plunge and ordered it.

This set is called the Norah Set-

You do have to purchase the bottoms and top separately which worked out at around £67. If I lived in Australia it would be half. (Gutting I know). Delivery was actually really fast I was told it could be up to 20 days but it came in a week!

Now onto the outfit. I'm wearing an XS in both. It was really hard to gage what size I should get, so make sure to read their size guide as it's slightly different to UK sizes. Now, originally I decided on a small in both, then I saw a girl on Instagram upload a picture and she said she was wearing an XS. The XS looked quite big on her so it made me think lets risk an XS and I'm happy I did because it's actually still a little loose around my waist.

The top, however, I recommend getting your usual size. The xs is quite small (funny enough) so I wish I sized up.

The quality of this material is fabulous it's not elasticated so if you're after figure-hugging trousers these aren't for you. They feel like work trousers, is that a thing?

I literally saw this outfit and thought that is actually me. If I had to design one outfit for the rest of my life, I had to wear, IT'S THIS. High waisted trousers, circle zip, stripes and a crop top. Everything I love.

To keep in the theme of silver I added silver heels and my beloved metallic bag. You have to wear fairly high heels with these trousers as they are quite long and I have very long legs

Let me know what you think of this look x 


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