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Feel like you're getting nowhere with insta?

This industry is VERY competitive and its so easy to lose yourself sometimes and get mega down. The moment you start feeling like this I recommend you take a lil break. Now I know this industry is a money making game for some people but for others, it's a genuine hobby they hope to turn into something one day. So I wanted to give a lil bit of advice on how to not beat yourself up and compare yourself to other influencers on Instagram.

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Bodysuit- Topshop a few years ago 
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I see people growing rapidly which is obviously amazing but I also see people who grow very fast in the matter of days which is questionable sometimes. At the end of the day if people want to cheat their way to the 'top' then that's their choice but I don't get how you could ever feel proud of yourself for doing that....

The other issue with Instagram is the fact hardly anyone sees your posts anymore and somedays you can get loads of likes and other days you won't even get half of the likes you usually get. Its very frustrating but don't let it get you down. If anything it makes me work harder and deliver better content!

My advice? I think joining insta support groups can help a tonne. Now, I don't agree with the ones who are very strict and ban you for not liking posts or commenting on a certain amount of words. Join ones with genuine people! 

So what can you do?

- Join an insta support group
- Be active on Instagram, try and upload on a regular basis
- Make yourself known to bigger influencers
-Use insta stories to promote new posts!
- Use hashtags!

Hope this helps x

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