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The Importance Of Self Love

The most important lesson I have learnt growing up is that the only person you can truly rely on and knows you inside out is yourself. People will come in and out of your life and relationships are not always forever. That's why you always and I mean ALWAYS have to have your own back. Thankfully I have always managed to do this but I know how difficult it can be for some people to learn to love themselves again so as it's International Women's Day I wanna give you some tips. 


If you have just come out of a relationship or even a friendship breakdown it's so important to keep yourself distracted. If I didn't have blogging in my life or producing content for Instagram I think I would be very miserable. Find something you're passionate about and keep working at it because believe me hard work pays off and it can be so rewarding. 


A generic one but exercising has always helped me have a healthier relationship with my body and the way I view myself. I started out of boredom but then progressed to realise it helped me de-stress and feel prepared for the next day. Don't overdo it. Just find a routine you're happy with whether it's in the gym or your bedroom and work out as much as you please. 

Outfit details

This is definitely one of my favourite looks atm. I have reverted back to my old style of loving red lips. I actually stopped wearing red lipstick because of someone telling me it didn't suit me. Never listen to people wear what you bloody please. 

Pick yourself up

I think we get so used to wanting acceptance and approval of other people we forget we can actually praise and compliment ourselves every so often. Instead of focusing on whether you're good enough or good looking in someone elses eyes, understand that their views aren't important and you're great. 

Learn that being alone isn't always bad

It is nice to be in the comfort of another human being but it's also great to learn that being alone isn't the end of the world. At one point in our lives (as morbid as it is) we will experience loniness but keeping yourself distracted and learning to enjoy your own company is the best. It's not healthy to spend 24/7 with a partner.

Write down your thoughts

I have said this over and over again at how writing down how I feel helps me so much. I'm rubbish at opening up to people but keeping a journal is my therapy and jeez has that got me through some real crap times in my life. 

Look after yourself

Face new challenges that you have never done before. Get some retail therapy, find a new interest. It's time to start focusing on you!

I hope these tips help. From personal experience, these are what have worked best for me!

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