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The return of the crop

Do you ever struggle to find an outfit that is both casual yet dressy? I'll admit its hard but it can be easily done. You all know my obsession for crop clothing but I'm also VERY much obsessed with circle zips and high neck tops atm. So read on if you want to know how I style crop clothing x

So this lush top is from Romwe you can shop it here

If you want to know the trick to making your waist look thinner, go high waisted and crop! High waisted jeans are so flattering and pull you in, in all the right places!

Also, what would a girls wardrobe be without some kind of stripy top??? They go with pretty much everything and are so easy to style. I always just throw on jeans and boots with crop tops. SIMPLE.

OR you can pair it with a lil skirt. I'm not always the biggest fan of skirts..jeans will always be my one true obsession. I always think it's helpful to see alternative ways of styling pieces because not everyone is a huge fan of wearing jeans with a crop top as not everyone wants their belly on show. SO a high waisted skirt works a treat. 

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