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The Swimwear Edit

Its that time of year again where finding the perfect swimwear seems almost impossible?? BUT this year I'm actually so impressed and weirdly prefer swimsuits to bikinis. This season is all about the high waist and the return of the one pieces! So here are my current lovers.

The high leg

An all Black one piece is my all time favourite. It's classy, simple and elegant. The fit is perf. It's elasticated which means its super comfy and not too tight. The last thing you want is to be sweating on the beach because your costume is so tight BUT you'll have no issues with this one. The only thing you might be a bit anxious about is how high it rises up but I think it's one you can grow to be confident in. 

It's only £16 which is a VERY good price for a one piece!

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The frill

Up next is the high waist frill bikini. Polka dots have made a HUGE comeback this year and pretty much feature on every item of clothing. I was first attracted to this two-piece because of the high waist bottoms. I just think they are so flattering and pull you in, in all the right places. I hate anything low waist style, just don't think it compliments my figure. 

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The cutout 

Now, this is my ultimate fave but the most expensive out of the lot. Cut out pieces are always so flattering however tan lines will be very interesting. If you want a decent tan then a bikini is probably your best bet. I got this costume for the comfort and to be able to swim without everything spilling out. However, it was £42... BUT it's totally justifiable right??

Shop it here ---->

Let me know if you purchase any of these or what your fave is!

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